Clever and Smart

Production Cells for Laser Soldering, Laser Plastic Welding, Laser Marking

  • Loading the insert and start manufacturing
  • 0.5 – 1.5 million parts per year
  • Costs approx. 2-6 cent per part

Trust is good …

100% Process control with LASCON® is better!

Ultra fast pyrometer temperature measuring and control

  • 10.000 Temperature measurements per second
  • Set process parameters, monitor and control the laser process
  • OK / NOK decision

Nothing but light

Diode lasers and laser heads for machine building, development, research

  • Fiber coupled diode lasers up to 350W light power
  • Laser heads with infrared pyrometer, video camera and solder wire feeder
  • Beam shaping (homogenous line, ring)