Pyrometer calibrator up to 400°C

Infrared pyrometers are often used to control and monitor a production process. The calibrator HS25-400 is suitable to check the proper function of pyrometers. Due to it`s compactness, it is ideal for integration into production lines or machines. The calibrator can be used to check individual temperature points or do a whole new calibration of the pyrometer.

Pyrometer calibrator HS-25-400

Blackbody calibrator up to 990°C

The blackbody calibrator HS-25-1000 is a precise instrument for calibration and periodic control of infrared pyrometers. The HS25-1000 has an extreme fast heating rate and an unreached temperature settling time. An integrated closed loop PID controller with an resolution of 0.1°C guaranties accuracy and long term stability. The housing has a very compact dimension and lightweight, so that the blackbody can simply transported to the pyrometer.

Blackbody calibrator HS-25-1000