Laser Process Control

Process control with LASCON

LASCON® is the laser process control system which presumably has the largest distribution in the laser industry. Worldwide more then 800 users monitor and control the laser processes with LASCON® .

How it works:

LASCON® is a combination of high speed infrared pyrometer ( infrared or 2 color pyrometer) with up to 10.000 temperature readings per second and closed loop process controller with up to 10.000 control steps per second. The pyrometer measures the temperature rise on the workpiece caused by the laser light. The controller compares in real time the measured actual temperature with a programmed setpoint temperature and gives an analog output voltage to the analog power control input of a diode laser.

More feature are visualization of process data, storage, monitoring function, quality control by user definable laser scripts ( laser recipies ) .


Laser soldering, laser plastic welding, laser hardening, laser cladding, laser heat treatment in industry and science ( for example crystal research ), induction hardening, induction soldering, thermocompression and wafer bonding.

Real time measurement – control – monitoring

Measure with LASCON® 10.000 times per second the temperature , read and set all I/O`s of the LASCON® controller.

Compare 10.000 times per second the setpoint temperature with measured temperature and control your heat source ( Laser, Inductor ). Real time system with unique adaptive controller.

Monitor all set parameters in real time during the laser process.

LASCON® Process Manager

  • 100% process control – control each part and store each process
  • Monitor and control temperature and heating power
  • OK/notOK decision during process with creation of an error signal to plc
  • Write process scripts by a simple programming language
  • Store up to 255 process scripts and activate them with the I/O terminal
  • Store up to 500.000 processes to the internal flash disk
  • Self diagnostic system
  • Handshake with LASCON® Camera Manager

LASCON® Camera Manager

The LASCON® Camera Manager is a software package for video storage and works in the handshake to LASCON® Process Manager. The video camera, integrated in the laser head LH501, is read out during the process and the video file is kept in the pc memory. If the Process Manager creates an error command, the Camera Manager can store a video of the error process to the flash disk. Thus all failure processes can be analyzed later on and the production can be optimized.