Processing heads

Processing heads

Together with fiber coupled diode lasers, the laser processing heads LH501 and LH101 are perfect tools for laser plastic welding, laser soldering and laser heat treatment applications.


The laser processing head LH501 is optionally equipped with a fiber coupled pyrometer and a video camera. The pyrometer and video camera are coaxially projected into the path of the laser beam by beam splitters. The video camera is clamped and can be refocused if the laser process is done out of lense focus.

By an optional cooling flange, the temperature of the LH501 can be controlled by air or water. Process gas can also be supplied via a separate connector.

LH501 für das Laserlöten

Specially for laser soldering, we have developed the highly precision solder wire feeder SWF100, which can be simply attached to the processing head LH501. With an accuracy of 0.01mm and a response time of less then a milli second, this wire feeder is suitable for fast laser soldering processes and short soldering times. With the comfortable software Solder Wire Manager you can program the amount of solder, forward and backward velocities, accelaration ramps and up to 15 drive sets can be stored to the controller. This drive sets can be activated by a plc. With the LASCON® Process Manager you can easily program and supervise the whole, temperature controlled soldering process . In case of a process error, the LASCON® Camera Manager stores the last video file to hard disk. Thus, soldering errors can be visualized and the process can be optimized.


Especially for applications with restricted space, we offer this very small sized laser processing head LH101. In the processing head , a pyrometer is projected into the beam path of the laser by a beam splitter. With a dimension of only 52mm X 40mm and a weight of only 0.2kg, this processing head is not much bigger than a match box. It can be used for laser powers up to 75W.

The features of the infrared pyrometers, which are integrated in the processing heads correspond to the properties of the pyrometers on our pyrometer side.

Please note, that our digital pyrometers are part of our unique measurement and control system LASCON® .