NEW: Laser Workstation LWS080-RT

  • Freestanding setup
  • Small footprint 1,4m x 0,9m
  • Access from front side
  • Construction with aluminium profiles
  • Turn table in combination with lifting door
  • Laser shutdown by activated safety interlock when opening of lifting door
  • Whole construction impermeable to light and scattered laser light resistant
  • Stable base frame as option
  • Illuminated cabinet
  • Height of mounting plate approx. 76cm over ground
  • ESD sensitive parts are grounded
  • Integrated safety plc for save process evaluation
  • Weight approx. 250 kg


  • Laser Plastic Welding
  • Laser Soldering

Press Release for LWS080-RT (sorry: only german )

Neue Laserzelle zum Kunststoffschweissen und Laserlöten.pdf